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Furnizori milling casting

East European Supply Solution
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de activitate in industria metalurgica.Ne ocupam de asemenea de vanzarea echipamentelor hidraulice produse de firma Moog Industrial si proiectare in automatizari pneumatice.Turning CNC ... »
Activitate firma: automatizari - Turning grinding - milling casting
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, for cooking plants, for furnaces, for continuous casting, for mill train etc.; Equipment for the building materials industry (cement factories): crushers, tubular mills, rotary kilns, heat exchangers, grate coolers etc. and spare parts; We have been manufacturing cement plant ... »
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SC FIVEX SA has more than 50 years of experience in metal processing. In the beginnings casting metals was the main activity, but soon the need for processing appeared. Thus emerged ... »
Activitate firma: prelucrari cnc - structuri si confectii metalice - service echipamente
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