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Sistem Wireless SHURE - Instrument BLX14/BETA98H/Clip-On

Sistem Wireless SHURE - Instrument BLX14/BETA98H/Clip-On

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Prezentare Sistem Wireless SHURE - Instrument BLX14/BETA98H/Clip-On

The Beta 98H/C condenser microphoneis a versatile solution for brass or percussion instruments. It offers a flexible integrated gooseneck with clip-on clamp for a secure fit and precise positioning. It combines simple setup and an intuitive interface for performance you can trust in.

What is the Beta 98H/C best suited to"

It’s a premium instrument microphone with a flexible gooseneck and clip on clamp making it ideal for use with brass, percussion and woodwind instruments, either on stage or in the studio.

What receiver comes with the Beta Wireless Instrument System"

The Beta Wireless Instrument System comes with the Analog Wireless Receiver BLX4 that provides improved linearity and frequency response.

The receiver BLX is ready to perform right out of the box and is the clearest choice for performers who wish to unplug from the wire. It’s also available as rack mount, metal receiver and Dual Receiver.

How many musicians can use this system simultaneously"

Up to 12 compatible channels per group with group and channel scan for easy set-up.

Why internal antennas"

For ideal signal strength, antennas on a wireless system need to be set up in a certain way. The internal antennas on the BLX receiver are already set in this ideal way, offering up to 100 m operating range and optimal signal strength.

Additionally internal antennas cannot be broken during setup, use or transport.

Is the setup really that easy"

Yes, with one button you can start the group and channel scan, which gives you the best open frequency. Adjust the transmitter to the same channel and you’re ready to go.

What does “Linearity” mean"

The proportion between input signal of the transmitter and output signal of the receiver is always constant.

How does the BLX receiver perform compared to wired"

The frequency response of the wireless microphone is almost identical to the frequency response of a wired mic. Also the dynamic performance is almost the same.

Beta 98H/C Clip-on Gooseneck Microphone

The Beta 98 H/C feature transformerless preamplifier circuitry which improves linearity across the full frequencyThis is how many times a sound or radio wave oscillates in one second.Read moreGo to the glossary range.
The pickup pattern provides high gain-before-feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted noise.
Its high maximum sound pressure level (SPL) enables it to handle the extreme demands of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments.
The Beta 98H/C features a 3 m (10 ft.) high-flex cable with attached preamplifier (XLR connection)
Tailored frequency for open, natural sound reproduction
Compact, lightweight construction provides a low degree of visibility
Gooseneck, ratcheting swivel joint and gooseneck angle brace allow for optimum placement and fixed positioning

BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter

Power and battery status LED
Adjustable gain control
Quick and easy frequency matching
AA batteries (included) provide up to 14 hours of continuous use
100 m (300 ft.) operating range (line of sight)

Receiver BLX4

Up to 12 compatible systems (region dependent)
Microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity
One touch QuickScan locates the best open frequency
¼\" and XLR audio outputs
Two color audio status indicator LED

Furnished Accessories

Microphone, horn clamp (WB98H/C), part number: 98D426
Carrying case, part number: 95E16526
Power supply: PS23E

Date tehnice:

System technical specifications

Compatible systems per frequency band (up to): 12
Selectable frequencies: Up to 150
Auto Setup Features: QuickScan : Finds group with most compatible frequencies and sets to best frequency
Audio Reference Companding: No
Included Antennas: BLX4, BLX88: Internal, BLX4R: Detachable
Antenna Options: No
Receiver Network Ability: No
PC Control: No
Rack Hardware: URT2 (not included), Rack mount brackets (only with rackable/BLX-R Sets)
Case: Included Only with BLX4 Sets
Transmitter Display: LED
Receiver Display: BLX4, BLX88: LED, BLX4R: High-resolution LCD screen
Battery, Endurance: 2AA, up to 14h
Environment: Demanding acoustic environments

Further Technical Specs

Operating Range: 91 m ( line of sight - actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference)
Available Frequencies: Between 524–865 MHz (available frequencies depend on applicable regulations in country where system used)
Audio Range: 50–15,000 Hz (dependent on microphone type)
Transmitter RF Output Power: 10 mW, typical (varies by region)
Audio Output Connector: XLR and 1/4\" (6.3 mm) unbalanced Maximum Output Level: -27 dBV (XLR, mic level), -13 dBV (1/4\")
Battery Life: Up to 14 hours
Dynamic Range: 100 dB A-weighted
System Distortion: 0.5% THD typical (ref. +/- 38 kHz deviation, 1 kHz tone)
Operating Temperature Range: -18°C (0°F) – +50°C (122°F)
Power Requirements: BLX1, BLX2: 2 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries
BLX88: 12–18 V DC at 320 mA, supplied by external power supply

Component Specifications:
BLX4 Receiver

Output Impedance:

- XLR connector 200 Ω
- 6.35 mm (1/4\") connector: 50 Ω

Audio Output Level Ref. ±33 kHz deviation with 1 kHz tone:

- XLR connector –27 dBV (into 100 kΩ load)
- 6.35 mm (1/4\") connector –13 dBV (into 100 kΩ load)

RF Sensitivity: 105 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, typical
Image Rejection: >50 dB, typical
Dimensions: 40 mm X 188 mm X 103 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 241 g
Housing: Molded ABS
Power Requirements: 12–15 V DC @ 160 mA, supplied by external power supply (tip positive)

BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter

Audio Input Level:

- gain max: -16 dBV maximum
- gain min (0 dB): +10 dBV maximum

Gain Adjustment Range: 26 dB
Input Impedance: 1 MΩ
RF Transmitter Output: 10 mW, typical, varies by region
Dimensions: 110 mm x 64 mm x 21 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 75 g, without batteries
Housing: Molded ABS
Power Requirements: 2 LR6 AA batteries, 1.5 V, alkaline
Battery Life: up to 14 hours (alkaline)


User Guides

PG, SM, Beta Wireless Systems User Guide: BLX Receivers and Transmitters, multilingual (PDF 5.146 kB)

Frequency Versions:

Contact the distributor in your country for specific frequency information.

Shure Distributors

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