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Vox ToneLab EX - Pedala multi-efect

Vox ToneLab EX - Pedala multi-efect

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Prezentare Vox ToneLab EX - Pedala multi-efect

VOX Valvetronix products are renowned for their realistic amp sounds, and the ToneLab EX Guitar Multi-Effects pedal is no exception. Valve Reactor circuitry uses a real 12AX7 vacuum tube to create true tube tone and response. With new performance elements added especially for use in a live setting, the ToneLab EX is the latest VOX multi-effect pedal to inherit the sound of the Valvetronix series.

Expanding on the powerful Valvetronix amp and cabinet models, the ToneLab EX provides 11 standalone distortion pedals that can be used in place of one of the amp head models, giving you a truly diverse range of tones to cover many musical styles.

Following the cabinet models, the ToneLab EX features a full complement of spatial-type effects such as modulation, reverb, and delay, allowing you to complete your guitar sound without any other equipment. A full-sized VOX expression pedal ensures stability while performing, and the intuitive Stomp Box mode places six effects on a virtual pedalboard at your feet, with real stompbox control!

Tube-driven Valve Reactor circuitry

The ToneLab EX carries on the most important benefit of the Valvetronix line: true tube sound produced by a real 12AX7 triode vacuum tube. VOX created the Valve Reactor to satisfy their belief that the sonic tonal character of tubes can be obtained only by using real vacuum tubes. This unique VOX addition draws a clear distinction between the ToneLab EX and the modeling products from other manufacturers, and generates an overwhelmingly powerful sound unobtainable from other multi-effect units.

Sophisticated amp & cabinet modeling technology

Throughout history, there have been numerous amps that have inspired guitarists in every era and have been the motivating power behind countless classic performances. The ToneLab EX provides 33 distinct amp models that include such vintage amps, sought-after boutique amps, today's high-gain amps, as well as new amp models developed by VOX. The 11 cabinet models perfectly reproduce the depth, response, and resonances of various combo amps and extension cabinets. By mixing and matching amps and cabinets, the ToneLab EX provides some 363 exciting combinations!

33 Amp Models (Three variations of each):


Cali Clean

US Blues

US 2x12



UK Rock

UK Metal

US Hi-Gain

US Metal

Boutique Metal

11 Cabinet Models:

Tweed 1x8

Tweed 1x12

Tweed 4x10

Black 2x10

Black 2x12




UK H30 4x12

UK T75 4x12

US V30 4x12

Standalone Drive Pedals

ToneLab EX provides a rich array of front-end, pedal-type effects such as overdrive, distortion, and fuzz. In addition to covering classic models, the ToneLab EX accurately captures today's cutting-edge units as well. These pedal modes can be placed in front of the vacuum tube stage in place of the amp models. You can use the Gain, Treble, Middle, and Bass control knobs for detailed control of the parameters allowing complex, pedal-centric sound editing.

11 Standalone Pedal Models:

Tone Drive

Brit Lead

Fat Dist

Metal Dist

Rock Planet

Tube DX

Big Fuzz

VOX Tone Bender

Octa Fuzz

Techno Fuzz


Professional Effects

Effects are an indispensible part of creating any guitar sound. In addition to the 11 standalone pedal model effects discussed above, the ToneLab EX provides 34 additional effects (for a total of 45 different types!). These include numerous effects that are often in demand by today’s guitarist, such as the VOX wah effect, an array of classic effect pedals, and studio-quality rack effects. All effects can be intuitively controlled using the knobs, ensuring that even beginners will be able to create the sound they want. Four types of delay (including Tap Tempo) and three types of reverb are provided, with a unique knob that allows simultaneous selection of the effect type and adjustment of the mix amount. In addition, noise reduction is also provided, eliminating the hiss that can be a problem with high-gain amp setups.

Pedal 1 Models (4 types):


VOX V847 Wah



Pedal 2 Models (11 types):

VOX 845 Wah

BRN Octave


Ring Mod



Tube OD

Blue Driver

Gold Drive

Org Dist

Germanium Fuzz

Modulation/Delay Models (11 types):

CE Chorus

Multi Chorus


Org Phaser

Twin Trem


G4 Rotary

Slow Attack



Talking Mod

Delay Models (4 types):

Analog Delay

Tape Echo


Multi-Delay (with tap tempo)

Reverb Models (3 types):




Noise Reduction (1 type)

200 ready-to-play programs including 50 Song Presets

100 Preset Programs are provided for immediate use. Each one skillfully combines the right amp/pedal model, cabinet model, and multiple effects to accurately portray a particular musical style and performance technique. The professional sound team at VOX has created 100 of these Preset Programs. Included in this group are the 50 Song Preset programs. These Song Presets provide spot-on recreations of the guitar sound used to define a classic guitar track – familiar songs that everyone knows. By using the Song Presets, even guitarists who are unfamiliar with multi-effect units will be able to enjoy the ToneLab EX's versatile sound right away. In addition, you can store 100 User Programs containing the customized settings you've edited and saved yourself. Together with the preset programs, the ToneLab EX delivers a total of 200 instantly accessible programs.

Rugged and road-ready, with a full-size VOX expression pedal

Featuring a durable metal chassis, the ToneLab EX also offers a full-size expression pedal. Providing realtime control of the wah and volume effects that are such vital elements of a live performance, this pedal can also be used to control the parameters of a variety of effects. The popular Quick Assign function borrowed from earlier ToneLab pedals is also provided. The parameter you're currently editing can be instantly assigned to the pedal, so it's easy to change the function of the expression pedal whenever you want.

Intuitive, dual-mode panel places great tone at your feet

In the Program Select mode, the pedal switches are used to call up the correct bank and select a program. The ToneLab EX also provides a "Stomp-Box mode," in which the effects assigned to the current program are individually assigned to the foot switches, so that each effect can be turned on and off individually as you play. This mode is perfect for when you are using the same effects throughout a song, but might only need the delay on during the solo. Simply stomp the delay on, without the need to create two separate programs. This second mode conveniently transforms the ToneLab EX into a virtual pedal-board. The high-quality sound of each individual effect rivals that of stand-alone processors, while still providing the enormous convenience of carrying all of these comprehensive amp models and premium effects as a single unit.

Self-contained, with built-in stereo monitor speakers

In a first for a ToneLab effects unit, VOX has included miniature stereo speakers allowing you to conveniently listen to your sound without having to connect a guitar amp or headphones. This is extremely convenient for last minute backstage editing, programming in private, or just being able to audition your sounds. Each speaker has its own 0.3 Watt amplifier.

Easy tuning

The ToneLab EX features a Normal/Strobe chromatic tuner using a newly designed and easy-to-read LED display that's highly visible – even on a dark stage! Compared to previous ToneLab models, the ToneLab EX offers more LEDs, allowing more precise tuning. In addition to the Normal tuning mode, there's also a Strobe mode that makes it fun to tune while watching the flowing LED illumination. Mute and bypass features are also provided, ensuring smooth tuning when you're on stage.

Versatile Ins and Outs

The output jacks provide an Amp/Line output switch to provide optimal sound through any amp or system. For recording, connection to a power amp, or when connecting directly to a mixing console, set the switch to the Line position and enjoy using the Total Equalizer feature to shape the final tone of your sound through the connected system. When connecting the ToneLab EX directly to a guitar amplifier, set this switch to Amp, and select either VOX (For VOX amps), F (for a mostly clean, open back American combo amp), or M (when using a typical British amp with a separate head and a sealed cabinet). This ensures that you'll be able to maximize the ToneLab EX's sonic potential in any situation. An AUX IN jack allows you to connect an external audio source such as your CD/MP3 player so that you can jam along with the sound of your favorite bands. As you can see, the ToneLab EX is designed to support the guitarist in many ways!

USB computer audio interface

The ToneLab EX contains an ASIO-compatible USB audio interface that is ideal for use with any computer. You can use it with your DAW software to easily record audio tracks. Librarian software for managing ToneLab EX programs is also provided, and this also allows easy transfer of data between users. Plus, you can build up different libraries of programs for different gigs or musical styles! The Librarian software is available as a free download from the VOX website; both Windows and Mac are supported.

Vox ToneLab EX Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Features:

33 amp models

11 cabinet models

44 effect types

Onboard EQ

200 programs (25x4 preset, 25x4 user)

USB connection

Power supply included

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