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Carl Martin Rock Bug - Simulator amplificator chitara

Carl Martin Rock Bug - Simulator amplificator chitara

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Producator: Carl Martin
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Prezentare Carl Martin Rock Bug - Simulator amplificator chitara

The Carl Martin Rock Bug is an Amp/Speaker Simulator and Headphone rehearsal unit that operates on a single 9v battery. Although this type of accessory is not new, we believe there is nothing on the market that feels as real or sounds as realistic as the Rock Bug! You simply get the feeling that you are playing through a good tube amp. Just plug your guitar (with or without pedals) into the unbalanced ¼” input, plug your favourite headphones into the unbalanced ¼” output and off you go! Adjust your instruments’ volume with the Guitar knob, select an open cabinet or closed cabinet simulation with the mini-toggle switch, and wail away through the privacy of your headphones. If you like, use the AUX stereo inputs and add an MP3, CD or DAT player to the mix; adjust the Master volume for your music, blend in your guitar sounds with the Guitar volume, and either play along with your favourite cd’s or add a personal touch to your pre-recorded backing tracks. Utilizing the balanced XLR output, you can connect your Rock Bug to a mixing console for recording, solo gigs accompanying the pre-recorded music with your live guitar, or as a DI for live performance when you are packing light, or your amp goes down. You might not think an Amp-Speaker Simulator is new, but with all these features, the Rock Bug is the little Danish-Swiss Army Knife that belongs in the pocket of every guitar-players gig-bag!


Rock Bug

Quattro and Rock Bug

Rock Bug with Plexitone

Rock Bug with Plexitone

Rock Bug with Plexitone
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