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Carucior Copii Sunnylove

Carucior Copii Sunnylove

Tip produs: Carucior Copii | Cadouri | Importator
Producator: Sunnylove Entreprise Ltd.
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1. One hand folding system
2. Adjustable direction pushing handlebar
3. Self-stand after folding&self-locking
4. Extra big wheels 4*8" front wheels &2*9" rear wheels &all with suspension&rear wheel with link brake
6. Footrest extendable for lying down
7. 5 point harness
8. Specially designed bumper can install infant car seat
9. With foot cover
10. With double cotton pad and cushion pad for baby's comfort.
11. With lateral handle for easy carry
12. With automatic folding hook
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