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 Bobby mcferrin  circle songs (cd)


(sigilat)Observatii:Linkuri utile :1 Circlesong One McFerrin 6:10 2 Circlesong Two McFerrin 4:11 3 Circlesong...:27 6 Circlesong Six McFerrin 7:50 7 Circlesong Seven McFerrin 4:57 8 Circlesong... Eight McFerrin 4:47 ... »

Pret: 40.01 RON
Buyer Member 9 ani
 Ayreon  the human equation (2cd)

AYREON The Human Equation (2cd)

: Mystery5. Day Five: Voices6. Day Six: Childhood7. Day Seven: Hope8. Day Eight: School9...(sigilat)Observatii:Linkuri utile :CD 1:1. Day One: Vigil2. Day Two: Isolation3. Day Three: Pain4. Day Four ... »

Pret: 85 RON
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 Sistem radiocomanda futaba t-8j r2008sb 2.4 ghz fhss/s-fhss

Sistem radiocomanda Futaba T-8J R2008SB 2.4 GHz FHSS/S-FHSS

be switched to seven PWM channels and one S.BUS output. - Set includes high...Fully expanded eight-channel computer system exploiting 2.4 GHz frequency... software. The menu language can be selected in the software from seven options (German ... »
Buyer Member 16 ani
 Korg sv1-88 stage piano

Korg SV1-88 Stage Piano

up exactly the sound you're looking for. Saving your eight favorite settings... with several seven-way velocity switched "tine" versions, continue through... to restore the original setting. For really quick changes, the Korg SV-1 piano has eight ... »
Buyer Member 14 ani
 Korg ax3000g - modeling signal processor

Korg AX3000G - Modeling Signal Processor

to eight steps of effect parameter values in the step sequencer, and specify one... of seven ways in which the sequencer will play back these steps: Forward, Backward..., Alternate 1/2, Random, Forward (one-shot), and Alternate 1/2 (one-shot). This lets you ... »
Buyer Member 14 ani
 Korg ax3000b - modeling signal processor for bass

Korg AX3000B - Modeling Signal Processor for Bass

to eight steps that you can assign to an effect parameter, and then choose one of seven... playback methods (Forward, Alternate 1/2, Random, Forward (one-shot), or Alternate 1.../2 (one-shot)) to control the value of that effect parameter in complex ways that were ... »
Buyer Member 14 ani
 Korg pa500 - professional arranger

Korg PA500 - Professional Arranger

-time. With up to eight parts, four variations, three intros/count-in, three fills... Sequencer, one can load as the other plays, and a DJ-style cross fader can blend between... the markers using the internal sequencer (or using a computer based one - the marker ... »
Buyer Member 14 ani
 Sm pro audio v-machine - player vst portabil

SM Pro Audio V-Machine - Player VST portabil

built for performance keyboard players and DJ's. It is one little beast... assignment prior to transferring to one of the V-products for stand-alone use. Simple..., presets and channels. In each bank you run presets and within one preset you can have ... »
Buyer Member 14 ani
 Korg pa500 oriental - professional arranger

Korg PA500 ORIENTAL - Professional Arranger

for excellence. Every day, tens of thousands of musicians worldwide make one of Korg's Pa...;In-Demand" Middle Eastern Features Quarter Tone Sub Scale: Surely one of the most.... In addition, four preset buttons provide one-touch access to the most commonly used ... »
Buyer Member 14 ani
 Korg pa588 professional arranger / digital piano

Korg PA588 Professional Arranger / Digital Piano

-stop Entertainment With Korg's XDS Dual Songplayer, one can load as the other plays... effect, instrument solo / arpeggio, or even one of your own riffs or phrases...-board contextual Help System in any of seven languages. Save it for later In addition ... »
Buyer Member 14 ani
 Moog voyager select series

Moog Voyager Select Series

backlight options and SEVEN different wood cabinet styles, allowing you to choose any... The MINIMOOG VOYAGER Synthesizer is a monophonic (one note at a time) analog performance... with a bank of three wide-range, high-stability voltage controlled oscillators, one noise ... »
Buyer Member 14 ani
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