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Zoom MRS-1608CD with CD-Burner

Zoom MRS-1608CD with CD-Burner

Producator: Zoom
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Prezentare Zoom MRS-1608CD with CD-Burner

The ultimate all-in-one machine. Hard disk recorder, drum and bass machine, sampler, digital mixer, multi-effects, CD-R/RW drive--you name it, the MRS-1608 has got it. Everything you need to create incredible sounding recordings is right here, in a user-friendly and accessible package. 16 physical tracks x 10 V-takes = 160 virtual tracks. The MRS-1608 comes standard with a 40GB hard drive. In non-compressed 16-bit linear / 44.1 kHz sampling frequency format, this translates into 120 hours of high-quality recording. 16 audio tracks with 10 virtual takes each give you a full 160 tracks to record. Even vocals or guitar solos that are difficult to get right the first time present no problem. You can lay down as many takes as you like and then select the best one later.

Simultaneous live recording on eight tracks

The MRS-1608 lets you record up to eight tracks simultaneously. Mic up your garage and record your band live. Run a few instruments direct. Or use multiple mics on your drum kit for incredible authenticity in your recordings.

BOUNCE key for instant mixdown

Simply press the BOUNCE key on the top panel, and the MRS-1608 is ready to mix down the content of multiple tracks. The recording source is switched to the final output after the MASTER fader, and the signal from all tracks processed by the send / return effect can be sent to any pair of stereo tracks. If you select the master track as bounce destination, you will not lose any of the audio tracks, so you can do the final mixdown right there with the MRS-1608.

Marker function, A-B repeat, punch-in recording

The MRS-1608 incorporates a choice of editing functions that were designed to help you work quickly and efficiently. Store marker points in the recorder for instant access. Automatically repeat a specified section. Easily re-record a phrase using automatic punch-in and punch-out. The FS01 foot switch can also be used to control manual punch-in and punch-out.

Continuous project playback

The master tracks of several projects can be played back in succession. This function--called sequence play--is handy to preview an album that you want to burn onto a CD, or to provide automated accompaniment during a live performance.

10 types of track edit functions

The MRS-1608 offers ten different track edit functions that are great for arranging songs. This includes not only basic operations such as cut-and-paste of audio data, but also professional-level tricks such as compensating the pitch or creating harmonies for a vocal track. Any V-take can be copied, moved, swapped, deleted, or imported from another project.

Internal 24-bit processing and mixing automation support

The digital mixer handles a total of 27 channels: 19 playback tracks including internal drum and bass, plus 8 input channels. Parameters such as volume, panning, EQ, phase, and effect send level can be adjusted individually for each track. The convenient "scene" function saves up to 100 different setups, for instant recall of all parameters. By assigning a scene to a marker point of the recorder, it is even possible to change the mixing balance or effect settings automatically as the song progresses. A solo function that lets you monitor a single track also comes in handy.

3-band parametric equalizer

Track equalization is performed using a 3-band parametric equalizer with adjustable center frequencies. This makes it easy to create exactly the boost / cut curve you want. The 3-band design means that you can add zing to the high and low end, while attenuating the midrange for improved clarity.

Separate SUB-OUT parameter settings for a different mix

The pre-fader signal for each track can be sent to the stereo SUB-OUT jack with separate level and pan settings from the main signal. There are various ways you could use this feature. During recording, you could create a mix that is optimized for each player, or you could send guide clicks to the drummer during a performance. By assigning the same signal as the master output, the SUB-OUT connector can be used as a spare headphone jack.

50 drum kits and 13 bass sources

The MRS-1608 has dedicated tracks for drums and bass. With 50 drum kits and 13 bass sources, it can provide solid backing in a variety of styles. The factory pre-programmed drum kits include acoustic ambience, dry sound for easy effect processing, vintage rhythm box, percussion, and SFX sounds. By freely combining 36 sound sources, you can also create your own drum kits while using the 12 mixing faders as drum mixer controls. The bass sources include electric bass in pick, finger, and slap styles, acoustic bass, synthesizer bass, and more.

475 preset drum patterns ready to go

475 pre-programmed drum and bass patterns in all of the major styles, from rock, jazz, and funk to club music are available right out of the box. Intros, fill-in patterns and endings are also included, so you can simply pick and choose to create the rhythm track for an entire song in a flash. Twelve self-lit touch-sensitive pads are great for real-time play or for step input, letting you create your own rhythm backing with nuanced dynamics.

Truly "FAST" rhythm programming

FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) is an innovative programming method developed by ZOOM that lets you build rhythm patterns using simple calculator-like symbols. With the drum pads serving as a numeric keypad, you can quickly enter a drum program for an entire song. For example, to play pattern number 010 eight times and then pattern number 020 sixteen times, you enter 10 x 8 + 20 x 16. After a song has been written with FAST, you can edit patterns and change event information in the same way as with a regular song.

High-performance sequencer also incorporates SMF player

The built-in rhythm sequencer can operate in sync with the recorder section, letting you create rhythm accompaniment and audio tracks in an interactive environment. For example, you might sketch the idea for a song using one rhythm pattern as a guideline, and then flesh out the rhythm track later, when the song has taken shape. Various kinds of event information can be input for the rhythm song, for example controlling the drum/bass level, drum kit and bass program selection, tempo changes, and automatic bass line transformation according to the entered chord. If you import existing SMF (Standard MIDI Files), you can control the built-in rhythm sound sources or external multi-timbre sound sources connected via the MIDI link.By freely combining parts of an audio track or WAV/AIFF file phrases imported from a sampling CD-ROM, you can create a loop track. Program the phrase sequence for an entire song using FAST, and then write the result to any track as audio data. Or go a step further and create multiple loop tracks with drums, bass, rhythm guitar and other instruments played by professional musicians. You can do this by changing the destination track for each loop. Phrases of different length can be auto-adjusted with the time stretch function to match the tempo of built-in rhythms.The pads on the MRS-1608 can also be used to play parts of V-takes or WAV/AIFF files. Add samples and sound effects to a song, and play them in the drum track sequence. Up to 1000 samples can be stored in a "sample pool" on the internal hard disk. A project can contain up to 10 sampler programs, each using 36 samples (total playing time 22 seconds). Of course you can set the sample start and end points and also control pad parameters such as pitch, level, and panning. Fade-in / fade-out and reverse playback of sample data are also possible.

Insert effect

Nine types of effect algorithms optimized for various input sources, such as guitar / bass, synthesizer, vocals, and mic recording of acoustic instruments are built into the MRS-1608. The algorithms are configured using six effect modules with 103 effect types. The number of possible variations rivals the outboard collection of many recording studios. By changing the insert position, effects can be applied either during recording or while playing recorded tracks. 206 effect patches duplicating the techniques of seasoned pros and simulating various guitar and bass amplifiers are also available.

8-channel COMP EQ for dynamic multi-miking

The 8-channel COMP EQ algorithm applies compression and equalization to eight input channels, with individual settings for each. This makes it possible optimize channels and create sound with dynamic impact. When recording live drums, for example, you can attenuate the attack and let the finer nuances of the drum body reverberations shine through.

BPM sync effects

The delay time or modulation of the delay, echo, flanger, phaser, tremolo, and resonance effects can be synchronized to the tempo of the built-in rhythm machine, to give a special rhythmic feel. In addition, the MRS-1608 also features ARRM (Auto Repeat Real-time Modulation) which uses internally generated waveforms (sine wave, square wave etc.) to control effect parameters. Wah and pitch can be controlled automatically to achieve a pedal-like effect.

Send / Return effect

Two types of send / return effect (chorus / delay and reverb) can be used simultaneously. The high-quality ambience effects originally developed for the Zoom RFX series processors give enormous depth and spatial richness to the sound.

Mastering effect

When you are creating the final mix, you have access to quality effects such as the high-performance equalizer and the multi-band compressor with individual parameters for each band. To achieve dynamic sound that rivals professionally produced CDs, select one of 21 presets incorporating the know-how of experienced mastering engineers.

CD-R/RW drive for creating audio CDs and backing up data

The MRS-1608CD has a built-in CD-R/RW drive that makes it a snap to create a CD featuring your music or to back up all your important data. Sound on audio CDs can also be captured as tracks. The MRS-1608, sold without a CD-R/RW drive can be upgraded with a CD-02 drive sold separately.

Disc-at-once for efficient CD writing

The drive supports disc-at-once operation with freely assignable track numbers for the audio CD. Even if you have a long block of audio data derived for example from recording a live performance or a DJ mix, you can divide it into multiple tracks without disturbing the seamless continuity of the material.

XLR input with phantom power supply and digital output

Up to eight mics can be plugged in at once. The MRS-1608 has eight combination jacks which accept either XLR or phone plugs. To allow the use of condenser mics, four channels are equipped with a +48V phantom power supply. On / Off switches that control two channels at a time make it possible to use a combination of dynamic and condenser mics. Hi-Z jacks for guitar/bass and RCA type jacks are also available, making the MRS-1608 ready to handle just about every type of input source. An optical S/P DIF output lets you send a digital signal to a DAT or MD master recorder.

Synchronization with MTC and MIDI clock

MIDI Time Code signal allows synchronization with recording studio type MIDI devices. It also allows for synchronized operation with a computer DAW or other MIDI-based systems.

USB 2.0 support ensures high-speed data transfer

The optional USB interface board UIB-02 lets you connect the MRS-1608 to a computer (Windows or Mac) equipped with a USB port. Using the free Audio File Manager software, you can import and export audio data as WAV or AIFF files at high speed over a USB 2.0 link. Backing up project data or importing SMFs or sample phrases is quick and easy.


Physical Track: 16
Virtual Track: 160(10 Virtual takes/track)
Master Track: 2 tracks(stereo) x 10V-takes
Drum Track: 2 tracks(stereo)
Bass Track: 1 track(mono)
Simultaneous Recording: 8 tracks
Simultaneous Playback: 19 tracks(16 audio + stereo drum + mono bass)
Recording Data Format: 16 bit linear with No compression
Recording Time : 120 hours(referred to mono tracks)
Marker: 100/Project
Locator: Scrub/Preview, A-B repeat
Location Display: Hour/Min./Sec./msec. or Meas./Beat/Tick
Track Edit: Copy, Move, Erase, Exchange, Bounce, Trim,Fade in/out, Reverse, Capture/Swap, Time Stretch, Pitch Fix,Harmony Generate, Duo Harmony
Punch In/Out:Auto/Manual


Data Format:16 bit linear PCM
Drum Kit: 50 kits
Drum Sound Generator: 36 sounds/kit(12pads x 3bank)
Bass Sound Generator: 13 sounds
Polyphony: 24 voices(Drum + Bass)
Drum Pad: 12 touch sensitive pads, self lighted
Resolution: 48 PPQN
Odd Meter: 1/4-8/4
Song : 10 songs/project
Pattern: 511 patterns(475 factroy, 36 blank)
Maximum Bar: 999 bars/song, 99 bars/pattern
Maximum Note: Approx. 20,000 notes(events)/song
Tempo: 40.0-250.0BPM


Input Channel: 27 channels(19 tracks + 8 inputs)
Scene Memory: 100 scenes/project(Linkable to marker)
Fader: 15(1-8 mono, 9-16 stereo, Drum, Bass, Stereo Master)
Level Meter: 10 segments x 29 bar(Pre/Post fader selectable)
Track Parameter: Equalizer, Effect Send, Pan(Balance), Subout Send, Invert
Equalizer: High(f : 500Hz-18kHz,Gain : ±12dB), Mid(f : 40Hz-18kHz,Gain : ±12dB), Low(f : 40Hz-1.6kHz,Gain : ±12dB)
Effect Send: Chorus/Delay send level, Reverb send level
Stereo Link: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 tracks selectable


Algorithm: 9 types(Clean, Dist, Aco/Bass Sim, Bass, Mic, Dual Mic, Line, 8x Comp EQ, Mastering)
Effect Type: 103 types
Effect Module: 6 for Insert, 2 for Send/Return
Max. Simultaneous Effect: 8 types
Effect Patch: 320 for Insert, 60 for Send/Return
Tuner: Auto chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Open A/D/E/G, D modal


Simultaneous Sample: 36 samples, total 22 seconds(mono)
Max. Storable Sample: 1,000 samples


Max. Storable Phrase: 100 phrases / project
Phrase Edit: Start / End, Measure, Name, Level
Project: Maximum 1,000
Hard Disk: E-IDE/3.5inch 40GB
CD-R/RW Drive: ATAPI/5inch bay type, Buffer Under-run Error Protection Supported
A/D Conversion: 24bit 64times over-sampling
D/A Conversion: 24bit 128times over-sampling
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Signal Processing: 24bit
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB(at 10kohms load)
S/N: 93dB(IHF-A)
Dynamic Range: 97dB(IHF-A)
THD+N: 0.02%(400Hz, at 10kohms load)
Display: 122 x 65mm original LCD(with back light)
Guitar/Bass Input(Hi-Z): 2x 1/4" Phone Jack, Input Impedance 500kohms
Balanced/Unbalanced Input: 8x XLR/1/4" Phone Combo Jack,(Unbalanced: Input Impedance 50kohms/Balanced: Input Impedance 1kohms, 2nd Hot)
Line Input: RCA pin jack(L/R), Input Impedance 10kohms, Rated Input Level -10dBm
Phantom Power: 48V(with On/Off switch)
Input Level: -50dBm<Variable<+4dBm
Master Out: RCA pin jack(L/R), Output Impedance 1kohms, Rated Output Level -10dBm
Headphone Out: 1/4" Stereo Phone Jack, 50mW(at 32ohms load)
Sub Out: 1/4" Stereo Phone Jack
Digital Out: S/P DIF Optical(20bit)
MIDI: In/Out
Control Input: 1x Expression Pedal, 1x Foot Switch
Optional Board Slot: 1
Dimension: 490(W) x 350 (D) x 125(H)mm
Weight: 7.8kg(with CD-R/RW drive), 7.3kg(without CD-R/RW drive)
Power Supply: DC12V, 3A(AC Adaptor AD-0011 specified)
Power Consumption: 30W(12V, 3A)TYP.
Supplied Accessory: Universal AC Adaptor AD-0011,CD-ROM
Optional Accessory: CD-02(CD-R/RW drive), UIB-02(USB Interface board), FS-01(Foot Switch), FP-02(Expression Pedal)

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