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Montarbo W28As Boxa profesionala activa

Montarbo W28As Boxa profesionala activa

Tip produs: boxa activa | boxa profesionala | boxe active
Producator: Montarbo
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Prezentare Montarbo W28As Boxa profesionala activa

Specificatii Tehnice

W28A completes our range of top level performance loudspeaker systems designed specifically for the professional applications. Capable of providing outstanding sound performance in the most diverse situations, W28A is ideally suited to applications requiring high sound pressure levels, maximum definition and clean sound. Musicians and rental companies alike are going to be satisfied with this product.

The built-in amplifiers and control electronics are optimized for the transducers enabling the system to produce power with a flat response and extremely low distortion.

The high grade birch multiply cabinet is reinforced with internal steel braces.

It embodies on both sides recessed handles for transport and slide guides for standard anchor ring to allow the loudspeaker suspension. On its rear side there are two recessed rings allowing the inclination adjustment.

The NEODYMIUM-based custom designed transducers combine high performance with weight savings and operate in complete synergy with the dedicated electronic circuitry:

- two 15\\" neodymium magnet high efficiency woofers for the bass section.

- innovative 2\\" neodymium compression driver with titanium diaphragm and 4? voice coil, coupled with a constant directivity horn (60?x40?) for the mid-high section.

Vocal harmonics and instruments are rendered with plenty of punch and precision, and remain tightly focused even at great distances

The no-compromise electronics is based on:

- 2 built-in MosFet class AB power amplifiers with dedicated active processors, featuring independent time constants and operating thresholds that are sensitive to line voltage, limiting any excessive voice coil movement while also drastically diminishing the effects of ?power compression? under the most demanding operating conditions. Unimpeded operation is guaranteed even when the system is subjected to extreme line voltage excursions.

Output power:

900 W continuous (1200 W peak) for low frequencies

300 W continuous (350 W peak) for high frequencies

- Active cross-over filter (24 dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley, 900 Hz) guaranteeing phase coherency and perfect addition of acoustic emissions in the crossover region.

- ?soft-start? circuit to reduce the peak current drain at switch-on.

The control and connection panel is fitted with: balanced XLR (female) input; balanced XLR (male) output for parallel connection of other W28A or active systems; master volume control, mid-high level control and ground-lift switch.

Forced cooling provided by a thermostatically controlled low turbolence fan.

In the applications requiring an extention of the low frequency response, the W28A combines perfectly with the Montarbo active subwoofer 218SA, with built-in stereo electronic crossover.

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