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Montarbo T15A Boxa profesionala activa

Montarbo T15A Boxa profesionala activa

Tip produs: boxa activa | boxa profesionala | boxe active
Producator: Montarbo
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Prezentare Montarbo T15A Boxa profesionala activa

Specificatii Tehnice

T15A is a bi-amplified speaker system designed to offer exceptional acoustic efficiency from a remarkably compact and light-weight enclosure.

It is capable of extremely high, undistorted, sound pressure levels (130 dB). Precise and detailed acoustic image is guaranteed by exceptionally linear frequency and phase responses.

T15A meets both the musician?s and the sound company?s requirements and it is the ideal choice for those who constantly work in medium/large venues, both indoor and outdoor and require a versatile system (for live music performances, theatre, conferences, public address?)

The custom made components operate in complete synergy with the dedicated electronic circuitry:

- 15\\" neodymium magnet woofer (3? voice coil) for the bass section,

- for the mid section it utilizes a 6\\" midrange

- for the high section it utilizes 1\\" compression driver (with 2\\" voice coil) coupled with a 90? x 70? constant directivity horn which may be rotated.

The no-compromise built-in electronics is based on:

- 2 MosFet class AB power amplifiers with dedicated active processors, featuring independent time constants and operating thresholds that are sensitive to line voltage, limiting any excessive voice coil movement while also drastically diminishing the effects of ?power compression? under the most demanding operating conditions. Unimpeded operation is guaranteed even when the system is subjected to extreme line voltage excursions.

Output power:

350 W continuous (450 W peak) for low frequencies

150 W continuous (220 W peak) for high frequencies

- Active cross-over filter (24 dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley, 600 Hz) guaranteeing phase coherency and perfect addition of acoustic emissions in the crossover region.

- ?soft-start? circuit to reduce the peak current drain at switch-on.

The rear panel houses easy to use controls and connectors, allowing for fast, setup and installation:

- balanced input (using a Neutrik Combo? combined jack-XLR connector).

- balanced XLR output (LINK) allowing parallel connection of other active speaker systems;

- Master volume and mid/high frequency volume controls.

The trapezoidal shaped high grade phenyl-glued multiply birch cabinet, finished with highly resistant polyurethane paint, is fitted with a 1,5mm thick steel protection grid, side transport handles for easy carry and set-up and stand adapter.

In the applications requiring an extension of the low frequency response T15A combines perfectly with the Montarbo active subwoofer 119SA with built-in stereo electronic crossover.

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