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Montarbo NM250A boxa activa

Montarbo NM250A boxa activa

Tip produs: boxa activa | boxa profesionala | boxe active
Producator: Montarbo
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Prezentare Montarbo NM250A boxa activa

2-Way Active Bi-amplified Speaker


NM250A is an active biamplified high performance system, with a maximum output power at the top of its category, which combines the high power and sound pressure levels typical of much bigger and heavier professional systems with the sonic accuracy and precision of hi-fi systems, in a compact package that’s incredibly easy to transport and fast to set-up. Designed for small concerts, press conferences, talk-shows, NM250A gives you the fidelity, the dynamics and the versatility you ask to a reference monitor system for your home studio. Indoor and outdoor, in small auditoriums, clubs,restaurants, and small venues NM250A is the choice for sonic quality and ease of use.

- 121 dB max SPL.

- 2, class AB, Mosfet amplifiers delivering a total output power of

250 Watts (LF 200 W, HF 50 W).

- 2 active dynamic processors and a high slope active electronic crossover (24dB/oct)

- 8” high-efficiency wide excursion woofer with 2” voice coil.

- 1” compression driver with 1” voice coil.

- 90° x 60° constant directivity horn integrated in the shape of the cabinet.

- A 2-band equalizer allows changing the response curve of the system depending on the requirements of each different application, increasing thus the versatility of the system.

- The cabinet, made from injection molded polypropylene, is equipped with a steel protection grid and two threaded inserts (M8).

- Recessed carrying handle, stand adaptor with safety lock, mating feet and cavities for safe cabinet stacking, and low turbulence tuning ports are all built into the cabinet.

- Multi-angled cabinet design, allowing for either vertical (P.A) or horizontal (stage monitor) installation.


- Unlimited range of applications both indoor and outdoor

- Stage monitor

- Mini PA system for live music, conferences, bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, retail outlets

- Places of worship

- Gym and health clubs

- Small auditoriums

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