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Korg SV1-73 Stage Piano

Korg SV1-73 Stage Piano

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The Korg SV-1 73 is the gigging piano you've been wanting. Inside, you've got the most in-demand keyboard sounds ever found on a single instrument — we're talking decades of essential analog and digital legends, plus all the modern mainstays. The SV-1 73 also has Korg's finest weighted keyboard, so you can play with expression. To fine tune your sound, just steer your tone using the hands-on knobs on the front panel. Amp models, effects, and a hot vintage look take this Korg SV-1 73 over the top. Tap into 36 of the most in-demand instrument sounds You know the 36 sounds in the SV-1 73 by heart; each one is an old friend. Rediscover hit-making vintage electric pianos, funky clavs, classic and cult-fave organs, string machines and, of course, pianos. The SV-1 73 serves up breathtaking grands, a real-deal upright, plus hall-of-fame electronic contenders. On top of the standard sounds you love, you'll find multiple, signature variations of many classic instruments, all designed to inspire your performance. Shine up your sound with effects and studio processing Enhance your sound with a whole collection of period-correct amps and effects. You've got a 3-band EQ on the front panel to get things going, then you can take charge of pre-treating your sound with Compression, Boost, U-Vibe, Chorus/Vibrato, Tremolo, and Wah. From there, put your tone through any of the SV-1's wealth of amp heads and speaker cabinets — you won't believe how tube-like you can get your tones, thanks to Korg's exclusive Valve Reactor circuitry. Super-famous Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, and Rotary stompboxes add nuance and motion to any SV-1 73 sound, then all the essential reverbs and delays — include classic tape echo — let you really cook up your vibe. Last but not least, you've got an optional limiter at the 6th step of the signal chain, ensuring your level remains balanced across all sounds. Get your hands on your tone with front-panel knobs The Korg SV-1 73's user interface has performance in mind! Every essential control is quickly accessible on the front panel, with no confusing menus or multiple button presses. Rotary knobs include illuminated LEDs showing the position of the knob, and you can press them to restore the original setting. For really quick changes, the SV-1 73 has eight car-radio style buttons to instantly call up your eight Favorite sounds and settings. Storing a Favorite is equally as easy. Simply adjust the controls to your preferred settings, then press and hold one of the Favorites buttons; when the button flashes, press it again. Your custom setting is now stored in your Korg SV-1 73. Editor/Librarian software lets you program, save, and load settings More tech-savvy players out there that would love nothing more than to dig in a little deeper — and the SV-1 lets you. The SV-1 Editor/Librarian software provides cool graphic-based programming, including access to many effects parameters not available on the SV-1 73's panel. In addition, the Editor/Librarian software allows each of the 36 sounds and the eight Favorites to be programmed and saved individually. This makes it easy for you to share and swap your favorite settings, and for Korg to supply more sounds in the future. The SV-1 Editor/Librarian runs on Mac or PC, and is included free with every SV-1 73. Specifications: 73-key stage vintage piano Keyboard: RH3 — Real Weighted Hammer Action 3, 8 Velocity Touch Curves Tuning: Transpose to any Key (± 12 half-steps), Fine Tuning, 8 Tuning Curves Sound Engine: EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis), RX (Real eXperience) Technology Polyphony: 80 notes Sounds: 36; 6 Banks x 6 sounds Bank 1 (Electric Piano 1): Tine Electric Piano (x4), VPM Piano (X2) Bank 2 (Electric Piano 2): Reed Electric Piano (x2), Electro-Acoustic Grand, Korg SG-1D, 80s Synth Piano, MIDI Grand Bank 3 (Clav): Clav (x4), Plucked Reed Piano-ette, Transistor Piano Bank 4 (Piano): Bright Japanese Grand; Smooth European Grand; Mono Grand; Upright Piano; Piano + Strings; Piano + Pad Bank 5 (Organ): Tonewheel (x3), USA Tube Console, Italian Combo, VOX Combo Bank 6 (Other): Real Strings, Tape Strings, String Machine, Real Choir, Synth Brass, Sharp Brass Favorites: 8 Assignable switches for fast program recall Effects/Processing: Five Individual Sections Equalizer: On/Off Switch; Bass, Mid, Treble Knobs Pre-FX: On/Off Switch; Speed Knob, Intensity Knob; Compressor, Boost, U-Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, VoxWah (Auto/Pedal Switch) Amp Model:On/Off Switch; Drive Knob; Clean, California, Tweed, AC30, Mod'ed OverDrive, Organ Hi-Gain OverDrive Modulation FX: On/Off Switch; Speed Knob, Intensity Knob; Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Flanger, Rotary (Fast/Slow Switch) Reverb/Delay: On/Off Switch; Depth Knob; Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo, Stereo Delay (Tap-Tempo Button) Valve Reactor Tube: 1 x 12AX7 Other Panel Controls: Master Volume Knob Transpose Button Local Off Button Function Button Demo Songs: 36; Press Transpose + Local Off buttons to access Audio Outputs: Left/Mono, Right (1/4" Unbalanced); Left, Right (XLR Balanced) Audio Inputs: Left/Mono, Right (1/4") MIDI: Standard In, Out; USB/MIDI port Damper Pedal: Damper (fixed) Pedal 1: Switch Type; Sostenuto or Rotary Speaker Fast/Slow functions Pedal 2: Sweep Type; Volume/Expression or Wah functions Switch Type; Soft Pedal (Una Corda) function Headphones: Stereo 1/4" Power supply: Internal switching adapter, AC100~240V, 50/60Hz Power consumption: 15 Watt SV-1 73 Dimensions: SV-1 73: 45.0 x 13.66 x 6.1 inches; Weight: 38.5 lbs. (without music stand) Accessories Included:Power cable, Quick Guide, Accessory CD, Music stand, Damper Pedal (Korg DS-2H)

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