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About us:
Our firm provides services of representation, legal aid, legal advice, negotiation in the majority of the domains of public and private law, being involved , either as independent or as part of international legal advice corporations, in a great number of projects, from the entire series of legal services for companies to new or direct investments, acquisitions, financing and warranties, internal and international commercial transactions, negotiation and litigation.
The costs are established function of hourly rate, fixed fee, contingency fee, and can be negotiated function of the qualification level, the number of attorneys involved, exclusiveness, complexity and regularity of the legal advice.

Civil and Processual Civil Law:

- we provide legal advice;
- claim writing and suings at law;
- aid and representation;
- negotiation ( judicial acts revocation, revendications, possessory actions, the defense of proprietorship and of other rights, debts recovery, secession from joint possession, transactions, contracts, other claims ).

Business Law and Companies:

Companies & constitution
- the elaboration of the companies constitutive act;
- the laying down of the legal documents at the Commercial Book Office;
- the constitution of the documents needed for obtaining the fiscal code;
- legal advice in order to obtain the functioning notice.
- aid for societies in their daily activity;
- aid in the preparation of the general assemblies;
- increase and decrease of the joint stock;
- residence changes;
- nomination and dismissal of treasurers and of auditors.
- the opening of the judicial liquidation procedure;
- the representation of the client by sustaining its interests in front of the syndic judge until the closing of the procedure.

Debts Recovery- Enforcement- Payment Summons

- legal aid;
- claim writing and the representation of each client during the enforcement of the judicial decision or other executory titles;
- the investment of commercial papers ( cheques, promissory notes, bill ) with the executory formula;
- the payment summon procedure.

Criminal and Processual Criminal Law :
- legal aid;
- claim writing and criminal complaints;
- representation and legal advice in penal suits, other claims.

Administrative Law:
- legal advice;
- action writing;
- legal aid and representation in administrative litigation;
- cancellation of the acts of the local public administration.

Labour Law:
- legal advice;
- claim writing and legal contests;
- legal aid and representation in litigation;
- contract negociation, litigation.

Family Law:
- legal advice;
- action writing;
- legal aid and representation during litigation ( separation action, alimonies, tutelage, etc ).
PREZENTARE Cabinet de Avocat Cristian Radulescu
Cabinet de Avocat Cristian Radulescu
3 714 accesari
Persoana de contact: Cristian Radulescu
Adresa postala: Calea Grivitei, nr. 160, Bl. B, ap. 44, sector 1
Localitate: Bucuresti, Bucuresti
Telefon: click aici 004 0744 336628/004 0726 336628
Fax: 004 021 2230446

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