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Native Instruments - Maschine

Native Instruments - Maschine

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Producator: Native Instruments
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Integrating the flexibility of computer-based music production with the hands-on creative clout of MPC*-style hardware, MASCHINE is the next step in beat production. Once you touch the hugely playable controller, the slick, intuitive and immensely fun workflow takes over, allowing you to stay focused on what matters - the groove. MASCHINE's blending of classic feel and cutting edge makes it the perfect tool used on its own, performing in the club, or working within your DAW. And now with the free 1.5 update for MASCHINE users, groove production goes to the next level.

Incorporating the iconic strengths of the MPC, including the intuitive pad layout, 16 velocity levels, Note Repeat and the ability to import MPC* files, MASCHINE then breaks free of hardware-only limitations. Its supreme workflow means you can go from a rough sketch to professional production in no time.

The easy-to-arrange sequencer, intuitive sampling, re-sampling and slicing features, and fully integrated FX and automation keep you on top of your production. Plenty of deluxe sample ammunition is provided via a staggering 6 GB of drums, synths, percussion, strings loops and more, and you can easily hook up your existing gear to MASCHINE - it finds a home in any setup.

MASCHINE's immense versatility means it also excels when working with your existing studio set up. Need to freshen up an idea from your DAW? Open MASCHINE inside your project and sequence some beats. Got a good groove flowing in MASCHINE? Drag and drop sections, loops or full tracks directly into your DAW as either audio or MIDI. Add professional effects and processing directly from the hardware controller for full control over your sound. Combined with MASCHINE's vast library of kits and loops, many of which have been prepared by renowned beat-makers, artists and sound designers, and you have a powerhouse capable of revolutionizing your studio productions.

Set MASCHINE loose in a club or live environment and it'll tear the joint up with its heavyweight punch. Its super-sturdy build, premium pads and knobs are perfect for performing in uncompromising conditions, and with the complete visual feedback provided by the screens and backlit buttons, MASCHINE thrives free of mouse and keyboard control.

MASCHINE's software is both rich in features yet highly intuitive, and easy-to-use.

MASCHINE combines sampler, sequencer, effects and a fully tagged 6 GB sound library with a genuine hardware user interface

MASCHINE works as standalone application or fully featured plug-in (VST, AU or RTAS) featuring total recall

Unlimited Undo and Redo

Open several plug-in instances of MASCHINE in your host sequencer and control them with the same hardware unit

Extensive MIDI connectivity allows to bypass the integrated MASCHINE sequencer and fully use the hardware, sampler and effects within the DAW of your choice

8 separate stereo outputs (16 mono outs)

MIDI out feature allows to sequence external MIDI hardware and software directly from MASCHINE

Watch the Introduction Video

The controller channels your creative impulses into total interaction with the software, offering a very high fun factor with mouse-free operation at every level.

MASCHINE provides the ultimate integration of hardware and software, using a genuine protocol for advanced control possibilities and full visual feedback

The instrument is fully usable without looking at the computer screen or touching your mouse

Hardware shortcuts for rapid navigation through your project and editing of patterns: Octave or Semitone up / down, Nudge right / left, Quantize full / half, Copy / Paste, Clear Automation / Events, Undo / Redo, Compare / Split

Macro Controls for controlling several parameters of different sounds of one group on one page, i.e. with the MASCHINE controller or via host automation

2 backlit displays with 64x256 pixels

41 backlit buttons

16 high-quality, illuminated pads with velocity and after-touch

11 endless rotary encoders offering true analogue feel through higher-than-MIDI resolution

Instantly switchable to a fully featured MIDI controller (including MCU support)

Controller Editor included: MIDI mapping via customizable instrument templates

Integrated MIDI I/O interface

Bus powered via USB 2.0

Kensington lock

Dimensions: 320 x 295 x 60 mm / 12.6 x 11.6 x 2.4" (fits into a vinyl carrier bag)

Weight: 1811 Grams / 4 lbs

Interactive Hardware Explorer

Watch the Workflow Improvements Video

MASCHINE provides seamless integration as a plug-in to your host sequencer. Produce the whole song in MASCHINE or move it to another sequencer for further processing and arranging.

MASCHINE offers the same incredible feature set both as a standalone application and as a plug-in within any DAW or sequencer that supports VST, AU or RTAS

As a plug-in, MASCHINE retains all of its capabilities including total recall and routing up to eight stereo outs to your host's mixer

Triggering scene switches via MIDI allows for easy integration of your project into a host environment

Export MIDI files or drag and drop of MIDI files directly into DAW

Drag and drop of audio. Export pattern as an audio file by dragging and dropping directly to DAW

DAW recording of MASCHINE events. Bypass MASCHINE’s internal sequencer and directly record into your host

Group Macro Controls: Assign any parameter of the dedicated group (filter, pitch, any effect parameter) to the 8 knobs on the hardware

Export audio files: Bounce individual files from all patterns, groups, scenes or the master channel

Drag and drop export: Groups can be exported as audio files to your sequencer simply with drag and drop

Import audio or REX files: Drag and drop sounds from your hard disk to the MASCHINE browser

Instant navigation: Open several instances of MASCHINE in your host sequencer and easily switch between them using just one controller

MIDI In and Out Mode: Send patterns as MIDI output in order to play other music software or hardware with MASCHINE - or trigger MASCHINE sounds from any external MIDI source

Watch the Host Integration Video

The MASCHINE Controller can not only be used with the MASCHINE software - it is also a powerful universal hardware controller for use with any MIDI-compatible hardware or software.

Extensive MIDI I/O: sequence your external MIDI gear with MASCHINE and vice versa

Easily assign any button, pad and knob to a MIDI function – from software to hardware synths, samplers, sequencers and effects

Switch control from MASCHINE to other gear instantly with a dedicated hardware button

Pre-produced templates for many Native Instruments and third-party instruments included

Easily create your own custom MASCHINE Controller settings using the included MIDI mapping software

DAWs with Mackie Control Universal (MCU) support can be controlled easily with the MASCHINE Controller.

Use MASCHINE live as a solo instrument for performing your own productions, or sync it up with other gear with the minimum of fuss. What's more, you can instantly switch into MIDI mode and use it as a controller for any other software - such as the tightly integrated TRAKTOR PRO DJ software. Perform with MASCHINE once, and you'll never leave home without it again.

MASCHINE lets you easily create rhythms, bass lines, chords and melodies, and arrange them into complete tracks on the fly.

Two complementary modes: Step Sequencer and Realtime Recording

One-touch Note Repeat with 4 customizable speed settings

One-touch automation while recording as well as automation editing for each step

Clip-based concept for intuitive arrangement of your project into Scenes

Each project can contain 512 different patterns and a total of 128 individual Sounds in 8 Groups

Unlimited pattern length and number of events / notes

960 ppq sequencer resolution

Compare and Split function for quickly adding variations of patterns

MIDI In / Out with support for note events, pitch bend and mod wheel

Flexible global swing parameter plus individual swing setting for each group

Grid settings: Off or note values from 1/1 to 1/128 (including triplets) for Step Sequencer, Note Repeat and Quantization

Optional Quantization by 50% to keep the human touch when recording patterns

Bounce Patterns, Groups, Scenes or the Master channel to WAV/AIFF files in 8, 16 and 24 bit

Export Patterns as MIDI or audio via drag & drop to your host sequencer

Record count-in and adjustable metronome volume

Sync mode: MIDI clock (master and slave)

MASCHINE is based on a high-performance sampler engine, allowing audio recording of internal or external sources and precise sample playback.

Integrated external and internal sampling for recording external audio or the MASCHINE output

192kHz sample rate and 24bit resolution when using the AUDIO KONTROL 1

Sample-length and number of samples only limited by harddrive capacity

Auto-start recording with threshold detection or sequencer sync, clean resampling of loops in pre-selected length (e.g. 4 bars)

Powerful integrated slicing with automatic pad assignment: Slice manually or by transient detection, grid or equal splits

Preview and individual editing of slices

Internal destructive audio editor: truncate, normalize, reverse, DC fix, fade in & out, silence, duplicate, cut, copy and paste

Extensive modulation: velocity, envelope, mod wheel and LFO as modulation source for pitch, start, LFO, drive, cutoff and pan

Polyphony up to 32 voices for each sound, with choke, legato and glide options

16 Velocity Levels: Map a sound to the 16 pads in different velocity levels

Convenient editor for mapping of sample layers to velocity and key values

New Vintage Sampling Modes emulating the sound of MPC60 / SP1200 including optional filter settings

REX2 file import with slicing information

Import for MPC 500/1000/2000(XL)/2500/3000/4000

Watch the Classic Drum Machine Features Video

Watch the Sampling Features Video

A sophisticated and easy–to-use tag-based browser gives you instant access to any sound, loop and instrument from the extensive library.

6.2GB of factory content providing over 18,000 samples

Over 5,000 drum samples, 403 sliced loops and 388 fully playable sampled instruments

In comparison to a classic hardware-only setup: Total library size only limited by harddrive capacity

Browse and search for projects, patterns, kits, sounds and effects by key words or tags

Quickbrowse for super-fast finding and stepping through similar sounds per pad using the controller

Swapping kits while keeping patterns for trying out your beat with new sounds

Quiet sound selection for performance situations

Save Project With Samples: Easily share and collaborate on projects

Watch the Browser & Library Video Part 1

Watch the Browser & Library Video Part 2

More info on the sound library

MASCHINE's built-in effects section contains a powerful arsenal of studio-quality effects to shape and supercharge your sound.

22 integrated studio-quality effects with flexible routing options

2 effects units each for every sound, group and the master slot, applicable to external inputs as well

Multi-effect chains possible by combining effects into their own group, 2 Send Effect channels for each Group and Sound

Dynamics: limiter, maximizer, compressor, gate

Modulation: chorus, flanger, phaser, FM, freq shifter

Filtering: filter, EQ

Spatial and reverb: Reverb, metaverb, ice, reflex

Distortion: saturator, distortion, lofi

Delay: beat delay, grain delay, grain stretch

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